Does your headshot tell your story?

Headshots are your first impression. When you choose Missy Goldwyn Photography for your headshot, you are choosing more than just a photographer. You are choosing a coach, to get you the best picture you have ever taken. It is my job to make you look good!! I have studio LED headshot lights, and together with my professional retouching, we will definitely get you a headshot that will get you noticed, and remembered, I will coach you every step of the way, making an image that will make that first impression memorable. We will work together to find your best angles, the best lighting, and I guarantee I will get the best expression out of you, that you have to give.

I am available to do on-site headshots for companies with multiple employees.  I bring my professional lights, and backdrops and can set up a  mobile studio.  This works great for website uniformity, and I can shoot groups from small offices, to large conventions.

For corporate group pricing, click here for more information.

Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots
Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots
Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots
Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots

Professional business headshot photos are often a company’s most important client-facing marketing materials

It’s All About You:
In order to give you the attention you deserve, I will only schedule TWO sessions per day. A Morning Session and an Afternoon Session.

I do not want to limit your needs or your access to my resources or my time. The last thing I want to do is limit you to sessions metered by the minute. One of the most important things to me is your comfort and relaxation during the session. I know that you are busy and that your time is relevant. I will not rush you nor will I keep you any longer than necessary. I will not shuffle you out because I have a pending appointment after you. You will get the attention you are worthy of and best suited for your needs. I have the expertise to captivate the correct lighting, poses and full structure of a shot but your natural essence is meaningful. A natural expression from you is an integral part. The great service that I can provide for you is much more important to me than the number of sessions I can schedule. I do not want you worried about the minutes left in a timed session. Relaxation and ease is essential.

 The Photo Shoot:
It is understood that prepping for a headshot can be nerve racking. I will take the time to help you exude congeniality along with your cordial best; exactly what you need for a great headshot. With no limit on your outfit changes, I can set your mind at ease and let you relax for maximum productivity.

I will walk you thru and advise you throughout your session. You will not need to guess or worry about your lighting, poses or overall ‘look’. The ultimate goal is the best headshot with no anxiety on your part.

It is important to exude your congeniality and cordial abilities mixed in with your sense of determination. The initial impression of a headshot is important; therefore all of these elements should form your presentation. I can make this happen for you in a relaxed atmosphere. We will stop at times to look at the images, adjusting what is needed as needed.

Live Digital Review:
As I take pictures, they pop up on a large screen for each person to review their pictures as we go.  There’s no guessing involved!

I collaborate with each person to make sure we are getting the images they want. My sessions are very interactive, and I care deeply that people are 100% satisfied with their photos.

Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots
Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots
Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots

After The Shoot:
Once wrapped up, we can have a seat with some coffee and review all the images taken throughout the session. At that time, you can select the shots that you believe to be your best-the ones you would like to purchase, and I will get them professionally edited and retouched for you. I will give you my experienced opinion based on the ultimate goal of presentation.

You will not need to adjust size and lose the quality of the headshot; I will give you exactly what you need for its intended use.

You will choose your images individually. I do not want you to waste time and money with something you do not need or want. $50 per image includes professional retouching.

Retouching & Editing:
All final headshots receive advertisement-quality retouching and editing. Retouching includes subtle enhancements for skin, hair, eyes, and teeth. Editing can include anything you want – no request to large or small.

I truly enjoy taking professional headshots and I do not believe you will find another local photographer that will give you all the professionalism and attention that I will. You will have the best quality headshot for exactly what you need it for.

Your referral is what keeps my business thriving. I ask that you share your experiences with others that might need my services.

Missy Goldwyn Photography - Headshots
Business Headshots - Missy Goldwyn Photography
Headshot-Branding-Missy Goldwyn Photography

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