Why Everyone Needs a Professional Headshot

Today more than ever, everyone needs to have a current headshot.  Take a look at the photo you have of yourself on LinkedIn, or Facebook.  Does it even look like you?  Does it bring out who you are?  Is it current?  Do you still have the same hair style?  If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then it's time to have a professional photo of yourself taken!  You only have one chance for a first impression, and I'd love to help make that first impression spectacular.


Here are just a few places you can use your professional headshot:

-On your company website and blog

-On your Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram profile

-On your business cards

-In your email signature

-On your Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or any other online social media

-In your company literature, brochures or other marketing materials

-On a resume for a job interview

-For a dating sites, like match.com

Pretty much anywhere you want to show your personality and make a great first impression.

Missy Goldwyn Photography - Professional Headshot Example


Do yourself and your business a favor by updating your profile picture.  Show the world your professional, confident self and watch your business take off!  If nothing else, think of all the positive comments and likes you'll get!!