10 Things You Might Want To Know About Me:

1. I’m a cowgirl at heart. I have had horses since I was 12, when I started riding and competing hunter jumper. Now that I don’t bounce when I fall like when was younger, I stick to western riding, mostly trail.

2. I have three kids, and this is what inspired me to become a photographer. Every mom wants good photos of their kids, right?

3. I am married to probably the greatest guy on the planet. Bryan has been my number one fan since day one, I love and appreciate him more than anything, and I know how truly lucky I am.

4. I have been shooting portraits of families and kids for over twelve years. My love for headshots started more recently, after discovering Peter Hurley and joining the Headshot Crew.

5. I have been fortunate enough to learn from the best. I have attended workshops under Marc Muench, and several workshops with world renowned wildlife and portrait photographer Piper Mackay. More recently I attended a workshop with Peter Hurley focusing on headshots, and I have become an active member of Peter Hurley’s Head Shot Crew.

6. I work out of my home studio in Lafayette, California. I also live on a 6 acre horse ranch, where we have a goat, a pig, 18 horses, and several chickens. Outdoor shoots are a really fun option at my ranch as well as in the studio. I also love to shoot at public parks, backyards, or other places that my clients recommend.

7. I was a teacher before I had kids. I taught first and third grade for five years, but then when I had twin daughters, I stopped working and stayed home with them full time. While I was home, I managed our horse boarding stable, worked on my photography, and volunteered countless hours for the school PTA! I also went on to have a third child, my son Danny. The kids keep me pretty busy, the girls are on the hunter jumper show circuit and my son plays all the sports.

8. I am a major animal lover. At one point a few years ago we counted up that we had 34 pets! Between our horses, chickens, guinea hens, goats, pig, rabbits, fish, hamsters, dogs and cats we have a lot. Our 5 dogs are all from different rescues including the pound in Kauai!

9. I am really good at driving large vehicles! I used to drive a school bus, an ambulance, and I drive our 30-foot horse trailer and longbed pick up all the time!

10. I get along really well with everyone. I love meeting new people, I am outgoing, friendly, and I try really hard to make people laugh. My clients always have fun during their shoots. We both usually end up laughing hysterically. I strive to get that perfect expression in both your head shot and portrait-and it all comes down to the connection you have with your subject. That is the part I know I’m really good at. I connect with people very easily, I enjoy my work, and I feel really lucky to be doing this.



Missy Goldwyn Photography - About Me

Missy Goldwyn Photography - About Me

Missy Goldwyn Photography - Missy’s Family

Me and my beautiful family!

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